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Tao of Badass review with 4 hours of free content!

The Tao of Badass review with 4 hours of free content
“Learn the skills, earn the date”

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After getting focused with the introduction that lays the foundations for your success, you will learn:

  • Gender roles
  • Confidence
  • The System
  • Approach
  • Tests
  • Reading Body Language
  • Creating Love
  • Biggest Mistakes You Make
  • How to get a bigger dick 


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  • Bonus: Monogamy v Polygamy –  7 powerful rules to create and endless supply of women, how to avoid the number one mistake that drives away any woman
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Here it is guys, 240 minutes of free Tao of Badass material: the ultimate review

This is the Intro to The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Here’s a few tip’s from the Intro you’ll have to know to move on to the next video

1. Know your intentions before proceeding through these steps

2. Knowledge isn’t power, Application is power. Yes it’s good to have knowledge but without testing or trying it out then what’s the point of having all this knowledge in your head if you’re not even going to use it.

3. People who naturally learn this at a subconscious level can’t control what they do, but people who learn this at a conscious level can control what they do/want (So you’ll be able to control your success)

4. You’ll have a full understanding of girls and how they work by the end of this book and you’ll be able to overtake anyone, even the people who seem impossible conquer and think their some kind of hot shit like “Players” or people who are just naturally good at this.



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This is “Gender Roles” the second video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Here’s a few tip’s from “Gender Roles” you’ll have to know to move on to the next video “Confidence”

1. Play the male gender role and don’t get stuck playing the female gender role

2. Please remember people who play male gender role are completely different thinkers to the people who play the female gender role, what makes these two roles completely different to each other is that when playing the male gender role you will make logic based discussions but as for the female gender role she will make emotional based discussions

3. Don’t let any emotions get to you when you’re around any girls because it will tell her subconsciously that if she was to date you she wouldn’t be able to play her gender role correctly by feeling or making emotional discussions

4. Play your gender role right and your relationship will strengthen over time, and they will find you more attractive.

5. Gender Role Reversal: Never let the other person play they’re opposite or your gender role (because they’re not use of it)


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This is “Confidence” the third video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Here’s a few tip’s from “Confidence” you’ll have to know to move on to the next video “The System”

1. What a girl is actually attracted to is someone who has the ability to give value to others to make them feel more valuable without asking for any value back this can come through being a 9 (having Cooperative Dynamics) on the value scale.

2. always refer to girls as being cute instead of hot. Because if you think girls are hot then you’ll demonstrating higher value which means that you will treat them with more value and come off as being needy as for cute girls you’ll treat them like there on the same level as you are.

3. Your body language is connected to your emotions which is connected to your beliefs through your subconscious mind. Your belief’s control your emotions which controls your body language.

4. Girls read your body language to confirm if you have confident beliefs.

Steps of making a new belief:

Convince yourself of the belief

Proclaim and convince others of that belief

Test this out until it doesn’t work. As soon as it doesn’t, take all of the information you gained from doing it wrong and alter it until it’s perfect.

Make your belief solid (Make it feel & seem like no matter where you go/what you do, you’ll still carry that belief around with you no matter what)

6. Get rid of all your current beliefs that people have given you and replace them with your own

7. Make two belief’s in your subconscious mind one that states you’re attractive and another that states you have high value never let anyone change these beliefs no matter what happens.

8. By hacking your brain and telling yourself that you’re attractive is another way of putting value in yourself.

9. Look at every day as like your improving yourself and getting better e.g. make yourself believe that you’re improving each day. Say to yourself “if today you’re attractive then tomorrow you’ll be even more attractive” and never stop doing this.

10. Don’t try to hide your insecurities because that’s what girls find unattractive, but if you try to face them and overcome them constantly then that’s an attractive quality in a man.

11. If you consider yourself value to be a Nine you will recognize that you have room for improvement. As for if you consider yourself value to be a Ten then you will stop yourself from growing, improving, so you will naturally drop in value and become less attractive over time.

Polar Opposing Insecurity Compensation (POIC): Now that you understand what these different kinds of people do, it’s important to understand why they do them. Polar Opposing Insecurity Compensation this occurs whenever a person focuses on something that he doesn’t want to be because being that way or having that quality makes him insecure. In order to make himself feel like he’s gotten over that insecurity, he becomes the exact opposite of that thing. So if you are insecure about being too quiet, for example you would become extremely loud and arrogant because at the end of the day, you’d be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say “No one could accuse me of being too quiet today because I was so loud and so arrogant that they would never have reason to.”

12. Once you understand this, you can control the level of confidence that you retain while helping others to feel more powerful around you. When you are able to add value to the lives of other people, they will begin to follow you and you’ll become a leader.



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This is “The System” the fourth video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

1. Take note that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, both good and bad. If you are successful with girls, it’s because you created that situation. If you fail with girls, you are also responsible for that as well.

The map of interaction is much like a road map. Instead of giving you directions to a location, the map of interaction outlines how to get through social situations. It will take a little while to learn how to properly control them in a way that allows you to do something we will talk about later on called “Seeing the Matrix” but it’s an invaluable skill to have.

2. You can skip any step you want, but doing so will have consequences. Fortunately the consequences are predictable. If you skip the stage of attraction, you’ll fall into the friend zone. If you skip the stage of rapport, you’ll encounter a lot of resistance, and any relationship that develops later will suffer from trust issues. If you skip the stage of seduction, you’ll likely find yourself in a passionless relationship and, finally, if you skip the stage of relationship balance, you’ll continuously bounce from girl to girl forever.

3. First off attraction is nothing more than curiosity. There’s nothing magical about it. It’s always just curiosity. Understanding that attraction is curiosity allows you to really put into perspective the kind of personality you need to have in order to be attractive to girls.

4. You should always assume that everyone already has an idea about who you are in their heads. You’ve already “introduced yourself” to a girl before you’ve started an interaction with her, so you want to make sure that you’re always naturally acting in a dominant, attractive way. This applies to talking to dudes as well, because girls are always watching you, even while you’re talking to your friends, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to create attraction

5. Be on the lookout for a girl’s positive body language. It’s a good sign if she faces you with her body, especially with her feet, knees, and shoulders. It’s also positive if she smiles, restarts a conversation when it starts to die out, or touches you constantly and returns touches that you initiate. Seeing a group of these indicators is a sign that you’re demonstrating high value properly.

6. please remember as soon as you qualify a girl to you, you can’t do it again with the same person.

7. Always remember the most important phase is the phase that you’re in. Regardless of what stage is next or what stage came before, the stage you’re in at any given moment is the most important, because everything can be won or lost during it. That’s why it’s so essential for you to be able to recognize what stage you’re in.



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This is “Approach” the fifth video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Men have what’s called an approach mechanism. An approach mechanism is the natural drive that makes you want to talk to a girl you’re attracted to. If a man has a strong and well-developed approach mechanism, he is considered confident, and will approach girls immediately and attract a greater number of them. If a man has a poor approach mechanism he is considered weaker or more submissive than men with stronger approach mechanisms.

Girls have something known as a filtering mechanism. If a girl doesn’t have a very powerful filtering mechanism, she will not attract the kind of men that are good for her. If a girl has a weak filtering mechanism, she will find that she attracts the same kind of bad relationship over and over and over again.

Approach Anxiety: includes extreme nervousness, a complete lack of concentration, and an emotional overload. You’ll begin excuse creating, which means that you’re going to begin making countless excuses that make no logical sense like “She’s too pretty” for the reason why you shouldn’t approach her, and you’re emotional and logical brains will start fighting each other. The problem, as you know, is that you can’t make decisions from an emotional state of mind.

Tip: The only way to get rid of Approach Anxiety is to change that belief system. You must know, deep down and without any doubts, that you are the kind of guy who approaches everyone he’s curious about. When you become that kind of man and you approach a girl who asks “Why are you talking to me?” you’ll respond with a perfectly legitimate answer: “Well, I always do this. I always talk to people that I’m curious about.” That simple answer will get you past a barrier that most guys get stuck on.

Tip: With Approach Anxiety you have to continually work it out if you don’t approach people for a long period of time and then suddenly try to, you’ll feel an extreme amount of backlash from your social muscle. It will make you feel like you can’t move forward.

Also rejection may seem to hurt more than it normally does. I know it doesn’t feel particularly good, but it’s normal it means that you’re actually exercising your social muscle which is exactly what you want.

There are two kinds of reinforcement: external reinforcement and internal reinforcement. External reinforcement is the feedback that you read from other people, and internal reinforcement is the earlier stage of the process we’ve been discussing, “acceptance,” during which you hold tightly to your beliefs regardless of whether other people believe them as well. You must have both forms of reinforcement; it is not healthy to have only one. If you only accept the feedback of other people and don’t consider your own opinions and beliefs valid, you will constantly seek other people’s approval. If, on the other hand, you rely only on your own approval and you don’t have anyone else’s, you will always be in denial and you won’t be able to connect with the people you interact with. If you find that you have too much of one form of reinforcement and too little of the other, you need to re-calibrate everything in order to balance them and then go back to the belief system.

Tip: To become a truly valuable person, you have to become not you. As long as you are open to becoming not you, you will constantly improve until you evolve into the best version of yourself, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

Tip: Approach everyone instantly and give your brain no time to hesitate or make excuses.

Outcome Dependency:

Guys who are trying to attain a specific outcome like trying to get a girl in bed end up screwing it up because they become what’s called outcome dependent. Outcome dependency kills attraction. A man who is too outcome-focused approaches a girl solely to prove that he is able to make his desired outcome happen, not out of any real interest in her.



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This is “Tests” the sixth video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Girls give you these test to prove if you’re actually confident in yourself and not faking it. This is part of their filtering mechanism.

Tip: if a girl gives you one of these tests it’s more than likely that she’s interested in you.

Tip: if you fail any of these tests it will tell her subconsciously that you’re not use to girls testing you and therefore you’re not use to attracting any girls and that you’re not worth there time or effort.

Here are a few ways to get over Compliance Tests, Option one is to add your own terms to the agreement. If she says “Wait right here while I go to the bathroom,” tell her “Actually I’m going to the bar. I’ll probably be right over there.” Now you’ve added your own terms and sent the message that you’ll do whatever you want to do, but that you are still interested in her.

Trading Compliance: an easy way to trade compliance is to tell her “Okay, I will wait here, but only if you do a little dance for me.” Or “Only if you give me a little kiss on the cheek.” When you take this approach a girl has to earn compliance from you, so her test doesn’t have the same effect.

Another thing you can do is “Flip the Script” When she says “Are you buying me a drink or what?” answer with “I was just about to ask you the same thing.” She’ll be caught completely off guard.

Tip: You will fail a compliance test by saying or thinking “Okay, sure, I guess I’ll do that”

The easiest way for beating a congruence test is just to ignore any insult a girl throws at you. Don’t hesitate — even for a second — or she’ll know that she has had an effect on you. Act like the insult never happened and treat her exactly as you did beforehand.

Another thing you can do is banter while displaying negative body language. Common ways to do this are to say “Oh, you’re trouble, get out of here!” or “Stop flirting with me, get out of here!” followed by turning away for a short moment while you’re smiling. If you do this during a test to see if you are confident.

Misinterpretation: misinterpretation means that any time a girl tests you for congruence, you “accidentally” misinterpret it as an intense sexual come on. If she says “Where’d you get those stupid shoes?” Respond with “Look, I’ve just met you, don’t talk about hitting on me. Be playful and she’ll end up being the surprised one, and you will successfully bypass her testing.

Tip: You will fail a Congruence Test by saying or thinking “Why would she say something so stupid or mean to me like that?”

Gender Role Tests

A girl will give you a gender role test to see whether or not you want to play the “Male Gender Role” in a relationship, you’ll recognize this if she begins to “take charge or control” of the interaction, she’ll start telling you want to do, leading around, turning away, stepping back, talking to someone else in the middle of a conversation. She might also output a lot of dominant body language to see if you’re going to be submissive around her or not. A girl dose this to see if you’re strong enough to lead the relationship and whether or not she can trust you later on.

Tip: if she’s giving you this test then that’s a very good sign that she is looking at you as a potential long-term partner.
An easy way for over a gender role test is to give her powerful and confident dominant body language. You’ll know if you’ve passed the test by the sudden change in her body language, so if she starts outputting submissive body language then you’ve passed the gender role test.

Tip: You will fail a gender role test by stepping forward, chasing her, outputting submissive body language, getting angry and just by not knowing what to do and even worse if you sit back and let her lead everything. She’ll know that you’re not strong enough to play the male gender role, so she won’t consider you as a potential boyfriend.

Tip: You will receive these tests from 100% of the attractive girls you meet, so practice these methods of defeating them!

Understanding the real reasons girls test men in these ways and knowing how to react to the tests appropriately will prevent you from killing attraction.



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This is “Reading Body Langauge” the seventh video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Communication is roughly 60% body language, 20% verbal language, and 20% your vocal tonality when you speak.

Tip: Body language creates attraction subconsciously. Subconscious attraction bypasses your logical brain and goes straight to the emotional half. If you make her feel like she is attracted she will believe she is attracted.

Tip: The subconscious mind is home to your emotional brain, which is why body language is sent there rather than to the logical brain. This means that when you’re speaking to a girl using body language, you can evoke emotions in her. That is a far more powerful ability than evoking a logical response because attraction is based on emotions.

Tip: If you lead the body, the mind will follow. That means that if you control someone’s body in a certain way, their mind will adapt to fit it. In this case, if you’re in a bad mood, consciously holding your shoulders in better posture, lifting your eyes off the ground, and making eye contact with people will make you feel better.

Tip: If you use dominant body language, you will feel more dominant. If you use submissive body language, you will feel more submissive. Because you’re emotional and logical brains don’t work well together, you can control your body during times when you are too emotional to control your mind and there are times when you can control your mind if you can’t seem to control your body.

Here Are the Top Ten Way’s You Can Tell if a Girl is attracted to you

Before reading any of the below: Make a belief in your subconscious mind that states every girl is going to be attracted to you on some level. Assuming attraction works in your favour more than questioning whether or not every girl is attracted to you.

Number One: Looking Down. If a girl looks down when she first sees you or looks down during a conversation, especially if she smiles while lowering her head, it’s a very strong indicator that she’s attracted to you.

Number Two: Hair Twirling. A lot of men misread hair twirling because there are several reasons why a girl might be doing it. One possible reason is that she is trying to stimulate her scalp, which means that she is bored and is losing attraction for you. If she is both stimulating her scalp and staying involved in the conversation, however, it’s likely that she is becoming sexually stimulated while talking to you. The sensory experience related to the head (particularly at the back) is incredibly sexually loaded and full of emotional triggers and anchors. Playing with your hair causes blood to flow and makes you feel connected with your body, so if you notice a girl twirling her hair in a way that tightens it and causes it to tug on her scalp, it’s a positive sign.

Number Three: Leaning In. Most girls will not lean towards you unless they are interested in you, so this is a fantastic way to judge the level of a girl’s attraction. Remember that attraction is just curiosity, though, so don’t get carried away and assume that every girl who leans towards you wants to sleep with you.

Number Four: Triangulation. We went over this already in the eye accessing cue portion of the chapter, so I’ll just review it briefly. Triangulation describes a pattern of eye movement that is a strong indicator that a girl wants to kiss you or is feeling sexual around you. She will look at one eye, then the other, then your mouth, and then repeat the gesture. Kiss her as soon as you see this happening.

Number Five: Initiating or Escalating touch. Is she touching you more and more? Is she letting each touch linger for a longer period of time? Is she touching you even if you haven’t touched her first? These are all signs she’s interested.

Numbers Six and Seven: Testing. A girl who is giving you congruence tests or compliance tests is attracted to you. A lot of guys get this wrong and assume that she is being insulting, but the truth is that girl only test men they find appealing.

Number Eight: Positive Body Language. Positive body language occurs when a girl starts to face you, especially with her hips and her shoulders.

Number Nine: Initiating the Conversation. If a girl starts a conversation with you, especially if she has no real reason to talk to you in the first place, she’s definitely interested!

Number Ten: Qualifying. A girl will start selling herself to you if she finds you attractive. She will try to impress you in some way, essentially listing reasons why you should like her. When you see this happening, accept her immediately.


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This is “Creating Love” the eighth video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Tip: Remember you have to be more like a friend and less like a boy through this process.

Tip: Keep away from using emotional expressive words like happy, sad, angry, etc., because they don’t actually have any meaning to us. It doesn’t transfer any kind of emotion at all. What’s really important are the events that are linked to emotions. That means that you need to describe the event that makes you feel a specific way, and should not try to explain the emotion itself.

Tip: keep in mind that a girl will only build rapport with you if she’s in a location where there’s no one else around. If she’s in a group of people, simply say “Let’s go over here”.

Tip: If you cannot draw out an emotion about something, try looking down and thinking about it. Remember that leading your body will make your mind follow.

Tip: Using the deep rapport formula and your knowledge about the different forms of rapport, you can create love with anyone you meet.



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This is “The Biggest Mistakes You Make” the ninth video of The Tao Of Badass make sure you pay attention to every word he says because it will change your life forever!!!

Here are Ten of The Biggest Mistakes You Make

1. Pecking: You are pecking if you lean forward at your hips to speak to a girl and lean back when you’re finished speaking, then lean forward again to listen to what she says and back when she is finished. This kills attraction Instead Lean to the left or right if she’s facing you directly, and point to your ear so that she has to lean forward to talk into it.

Remember that “lead the body and the mind will follow” thing? In this case, the girl will begin to “peck on you,” and doing so will make her more attracted to you and as a bonus, every other girl in and around the area who’s watching this occurs will think that you’re confident, attractive, and good with girls.

2. Being Needy: during the beginning of an interaction you absolutely cannot afford to act needy during the phase of attraction. You cannot become invested in an interaction until you get into rapport, so view every interaction you begin with a girl as nothing more than fun.

3. Showing Too Much Positive Body Language Too Quickly: By doing this you’re projecting “I’m very interested in you, and I’m also not going to make you chase me whatsoever so in other words your being needy.

To avoid doing this. Lean to the left or right, look over your shoulder, lean back on your feet if you’re facing her directly. Don’t lean forwards with your back or hips — if you’re going to lean in any direction, lean on your feet, leaning back on your feet creates a bit of distance between yourself and the girl you’re talking to, which indicates to her that you are ready to leave if things don’t go right or she is not up to your standards.

When a girl is constantly thinking that you might leave her, she will give you lots of positive body language. Be careful not to do it back. You can even turn your back on her every once in a while. During the attraction phase of an interaction, you are supposed to be playful and fun, so try saying a quick joke, then turning around and taking a couple of steps away from her while she’s laughing, then coming back to her with a smile on your face. This will increase attraction through body language very quickly.

4. Don’t Be Too Cool For School: If you spend an entire night standing by the bar and expecting girls to fawn over you because you’re the next James Bond, you’re making a giant mistake.

5. Not Touching Enough: or not touching her properly. Trying to touch too quickly ends the attraction, but not touching at all means the attraction never begins in the first place. It forces you into the friend zone.

6. Asking For Permission: Examples are asking for a phone number instead of saying that you want it, or asking if she’s interested in coming with you to sit somewhere instead of saying “Let’s go sit over there.” When you ask permission for everything, it shows that you’re not willing to take risks or chances. A man who asks permission is expecting the girl to make all the decisions because he doesn’t want to take responsibility for them.

7. Failing Compliance and Congruence Tests: These are massively important. If you cannot pass them, girls will filter you out. That’s just how it is. The filtering system exists because it works. A man who cannot pass a girl’s tests doesn’t deserve to be with her.

8. Buying Someone’s Attention or Time: The guys who buy girls drinks at bars are usually not the guys who go home with them. If you’ve passed the qualifying stage, feel free to buy a girl whatever you want because she now means something to you.

9. Hesitation: Everyone hesitates naturally, so you have to consciously make an effort not to. The best way to defeat hesitation is simply to not give yourself time for it. Stop thinking so much about approaching a girl and just do it.

10. Creating an Imaginary Relationship: Don’t let your mind get carried away when you’ve just met someone. I don’t care that you made out with her in a bar. I don’t care that she returned your phone call or sent you a text message. Stop thinking about her 24/7 and calling her your girlfriend in your head. Guys constantly create imaginary relationships with girls because they want a relationship to work out so badly that they can’t stop thinking about the girl. Your mind can’t tell the difference between a thought that belongs in a folder of your actual memories and a thought that is pure imagination.


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