How to win a girl back in 5 steps

How to win a girl back in 5 steps

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idategateway knows that thousands of guys every day realize they have lost the love of their life. If you have not suffered this pain you cannot explain how devastating it feels. If you have suffered you probably cannot or do not want to put into words how sick you feel.  You’ve left it too late to win a girl a back and life has faded in to black and grey as she was your colour, your sunshine and she is gone.  Winning a girl back is a sensitive process, each stage needs to handling with care, attention and planning. It requires all the love, passion, control, dedication and patience that you can muster.  This is how to win a girl back.


How to win a girl back in 5 steps


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#1. Decide what you really want


Learning the procedure in making your ex girlfriend love you again is a straightforward lesson. You study information in various formats, you choose to learn at your own pace and you get as much from the materials as you want. As with most things in life you are in charge. You get out what you put in. Another person cannot teach you what you really want. Deep inside yourself are your passions and reasons for what you do and the girls that you date.


  • Do you date her because she has a pretty face?
  • Do you date her because she has large breasts?
  • Do you want to win her back because of her social standing?
  • Is winning her back because of what she can do for you?


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Do you love her so deeply that you cannot continue alone because she is you, she defines you?




In learning the wisdom of winning her back you are making a commitment to her, yourself, your time and finances. Learn the procedures for worthwhile endeavour.



How to win a girl back in 5 steps



#2. Win a girl back by learning from your mistakes


Have you ever taken the time to consider your ego? Your ego is many things but mainly it is what holds you back. Okay it’s fun to be the big man in the room, but if you’re stubborn and lost inside your own hype you need to chill out. If you’re too far adrift to realize your pride has stopped you from listening to the girl the love, you need to start again with yourself. You need to get hurt, you need to try things that will embarrass you; humble yourself to build yourself up again.

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You must sit and consider your actions and interactions if you want to win a girl back. If you get a chance to convince her that you have reformed then you must transform your inner-self, not the artificial you or ‘the ego’. An apology is more sincere when you have taken time to reflect on your role in the break up with fresh honest eyes.


Stop being selfish. Learn to see the world from different angles.


#3. Are you willing to change to win her back?


Being aware of your mistakes is not enough to win her back. Practice as much as you want but until you apply the skills and move from practice to production you will not get your ex girlfriend back. Getting a girl to trust you for a second time is universally harder than the first. Why should she believe that you will not repeat the same behaviour that caused the first split?


Show her what she means to you by changing the things that she dislikes about you


Under no circumstances change everything about you, its what makes you unique, but let her guide you. Listen to what she tells you and act. Show her you are willing to change the fundamental behaviours that made the relationship difficult for you both. This could be a nasty habit you have, an addiction, or simply poor manners. If you want to learn how to win a girl back then change is the keyword that should be on your mind. Investigate change, but always  be moving from practice to production or you will fail.


How to win a girl back in 5 steps


#4. Appreciate her and win her back forever


Every girl on the planet is special, unique creature. If for one moment you forget this you need to go back and read about your ego. Don’t waste your time making a list of her imperfections. Chances are your list will be longer! If you study you will learn many skills to win her back, but changing your perspective is the skill you need to work on every day. If you change the way you see your ex then everything else will follow. Guys a warning, this is not about a cheap bunch of flowers or flattery, you are changing on a core level and you need to show her this.

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What is so difficult about telling a girl what it is you appreciate about them?


How to win her back in 5 steps


#5. If you quit you will never win her back


Are you a quitter? If you made it to the end of this article then no. You are person driven to succeed in winning her back. You know what it will mean to have her back in your life and you’re prepared for a positive persistence in achieving that. You want and need that person back in your life who makes you whole again. At times it will feel like that chance has gone, but you must never give up. Women are notorious for testing men. If you’re genuine and sincere you will pass those tests and you will be able to endure her rejections. Get smart, get educated, don’t go it alone. There is help and guidance available to you.
Take seriously all the points in this article if you want to win her back and be patient in your attempts to get her back. Remember that your woman is worth everything you can give: every dollar, late night, tear and message of love. It’s time to change yourself in to someone more loveable than before. Don’t do it alone.

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